RWE - Wrestling Company is a indy federation promotion in Ro-Wrestling owned by Chairman  keeeepitttt. The federation was first founded by Taylormi, mostly known by the name of xTayRollinz and then given to xKevinVI (kevin191111199) The fed is mostly known for having famous ro-wrestlers like PBK, Executioner Alex, Noah Jaxson And Eddie Slayer in there ring.

RWE's New Logo Late 2017-Present

This federation came back after alot of ro-wrestlers demanded a return. With over 9 RWEManias who knows what would've happend back in 2016..?

After 2016 ended, RWE returned and there first ever show after returning had over 50 players joining, 2 different servers!

This is one of those feds that would go down in history as one of the best Ro-Wrestling federations along with names like ORW, RWWE, RCW and 100 more I can name of.