Roblox Championship Wrestling (R.C.W) is a ro-wrestling promotion founded by kidzrock4 and Flamesdude44. The promotion currently holds 3 shows a week and is the largest ro-wrestling promotion on roblox. Kidzrock4 is the chairman of the group, iBrookesie is the CEO.


Championships Edit

Championship Champion(s) Brand Exclusive
R.C.W Championship Eddie Slayer Nitro
R.C.W World Heavyweight Championship TM Punk Thunder
R.C.W Ro-WWE Championship Galloway N/A
R.C.W United States Championship Keri Nitro
R.C.W Intercontinental Championship O.V.P Thunder
R.C.W Global Champion Noah N/A
R.C.W Tag Team Championship Sayj and Matt


R.C.W Hardcore Championship Justin Black N/A
R.C.W Outbreak Championship Antberg Outbreak
R.C.W TV Championship Alec Canada Outbreak

Retired Titles Edit

Championship Brand How it was Retired Class
Cruiserweight Smackdown Merged to create the New Hardcore Championship Tertiary
European Raw Merged to create the New Hardcore Championship Tertiary
World Tag Team N/A Merged with the Tag Team Championship Tag
Divas N/A Destroyed by Grumpygunner Tertiary
Hardcore* N/A Discontinued by Kidzrock4 Tertiary
NXT Outbreak (NXT) Title was renamed to go with rebrand of NXT Outbreak

*The Hardcore Championship (Old) was essentially an FCA cup. While there are still FCAs every show, this title was discontinued to free the name up for the Hardcore Championship we have today.

There was also another world title that was retired in the place of the RO-WWE Championship.

Special Matches Edit

Name Pay Per View What you get/got if you win/won
King of the ring tournament King of the ring A world title match against a champion of your choosing
Deadly games tournament Varies A shot at the Ro-WWE title
Money in the bank Money in the bank A shot at the world title case that you win, WHENEVER YOU WANT (usually used when the champion is most vulnerable)
Elimination Chamber Varies Whatever title is on the line
Royal Rumble Royal Rumble The chance to main event RCW Mania for whatever world title you choose
Feast Or Fired match Varies Depending on the case that you win, it either: Gives you a shot at the tag titles whenever you want, Gives you a shot at a minor title whenever you want, gives you a shot at a world title whenever you want, fires you (kayfabe).
Judgement Day Case Judgement Day A shot at ANY title (tag, minor or major) whenever you want
Flamesdude44 memorial battle royal RCW Mania Placed into a 'Special' Stipulation match. (Mostly titles are involved)