keeeepitttt is the currrent RWE Chairman, mostly known as PBK ( Phil Michaels).

keeeepitttt has won multiple titles in various promotions in ro-wrestling such as RWU Rise Championship, RWWE United States Championship, RCW Tag Team Championship, RCW Outbreak Championship, TNX Championship, and many more I can name of.  keeeepitttt was mostly known for is OWEMania match with Cameron Ospreay in a Career VS. Career match where he won.  keeeepitttt has had various ro-wrestling partners over the past few years in ro-wrestling such as, xKevinVI, IICameron_OspreayII, and xTayRollinz. They gained lots of tag team championships being the shield as they dominated in ring and out ring. And when it came to promos, they destroyed there opponents.

Either way in explaining,  keeeepitttt is one of the most legendary and well known Michael gimmicks of all time.


PBK's RWWEMania Attire When Winning The United States Championship.