Cry Mcintyre is a sinister superstar from the far lands of Romania, his arsenal of moves is something to really be scared of, he will not hesitate from attacking anyone present and is often very agressive. His journey started in January 2016 when he was assigned to Outbreak where he was on a good roll, then he moved to Saturday Afternoon Slam where he was on a losing streak, he revolutionized himself and started his winning ways on Outbreak, where he challanged BeginingFears for the Outbreak title in the Night of Champions Pre-show, where he lost 4-3, then refusing to move to Smackdown, he took Fears on one more time, in a losing effort of 5-3. Then, The Chairman KIDZ JERICHO hand picked Mcintyre onto the Smackdown Roster, giving him the opportunity at the Intercontinental Number 1 Contendership, which he won, and at Survivor Series 2016, he captured the Intercontinental title for the first time, against Boss Reymundo, but, he lost it on the same night to Oseukane. He then went on and won it back the next episode of Thunder, becoming a 2x Intercontinental Champion. He was faced to challange SilentMurderer at Judgment Day for the Intercontinental title, where he lost 2-1 in a 3 stages of hell match, Oseuka captured it 5 minutes later. Following Thunder, losing it to Mcintyre 3-1. Mcintyre kept going on a winning streak, 1 week before the RR PPV, where he was set to defend in a triple threat against Steve and Trixx Axel. On Thunder he and Oseuka beat Trixx and Steve in a squash match. At the rumble, Trixx and Steve were assualting Mcintyre in revenge from Thunder, and Steve ended up capturing the Intercontinental championship. Next Thunder Mcintyre fought Steve for the Intercontinental title, in a losing effort, in 3-2. Oseuka also failed capturing the IC title the same night, leaving Mcintyre in danger of missing Elimination Chamber, he got a shot at qualifying in the WHC EC. Which he considerably failed, and 2 weeks later, he had one last shot, against Dan Hawkings, which he lost. Mcintyre's on a losing Streak from the Royal Rumble event. What will develop in Mcintyre's career?